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Club Needlemouse

RoBKTA & GameChops

Club Needlemouse
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  1. 1 RoBKTA - A Proper Introduction (Title Theme) 03:55
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    A Proper Introduction (Title Theme) by RoBKTA
  2. 2 RoBKTA - Badnik's Delight (Spring Yard Zone) 05:51
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Badnik's Delight (Spring Yard Zone) by RoBKTA
  3. 3 RoBKTA - Millennium Future Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD) 05:25
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Millennium Future Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD) by RoBKTA
  4. 4 RoBKTA - Disco Absolution (Dreams of an Absolution) 08:15
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Disco Absolution (Dreams of an Absolution) by RoBKTA
  5. 5 RoBKTA - MJ Garden (Marble Garden Zone) 04:32
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    MJ Garden (Marble Garden Zone) by RoBKTA
  6. 6 RoBKTA - Vanishing Apotos Horizon (Sonic Unleashed) 05:06
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Vanishing Apotos Horizon (Sonic Unleashed) by RoBKTA
  7. 7 RoBKTA - Sambopolis (Aquatic Ruin Zone) 04:06
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Sambopolis (Aquatic Ruin Zone) by RoBKTA
  8. 8 RoBKTA - Windy Groove (Windy Hill Zone) 05:11
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Windy Groove (Windy Hill Zone) by RoBKTA
  9. 9 bLiNd & RoBKTA - Needlemau5 (Sonic 3 Ending Theme) 07:46
    RoBKTA & GameChops
    Needlemau5 (Sonic 3 Ending Theme) by bLiNd & RoBKTA


This album serves as a lens to the past, combing arrangements from Sonic the Hedgehog with the classic sound of 90s house and club music. Arranged and produced by RobKTA from Italy.

RobKTA Writes:
Club Needlemouse is my first ever "serious" videogame soundtrack remix album and I'm deeply honored to publish it with the help of a label such as GameChops. This album is a double tribute to the Sonic The Hedgehog game franchise and the club and house music from the 90s. From the Genesis sound chip to the master tracks, from the video game soundtracks to full remixes, Club Needlemouse features a compendium of Sonic tunes from the original game of 1991 all the way to the upcoming Lost World, even going through the infamous 06, rearranged and remixed in funk, acid jazz and disco house flavour. A combination that I'm sure every Sonic or electronic music fan will love. Enjoy!

Special "Grazie" to the two fine gentlemen known as Dj CUTMAN and bLiNd, without which this album would have never seen the light of day. My fellow friends Mark, Gilu, Niki and Danny from the Killing The Ashes band (KTA) my friend Elisa and my mate Josh Brown from Australia for supporting my work.

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released 13 October 2013
Mastered by bLiNd and Dj CUTMAN

"Needlemau5" graphic by Tron Bonne |
Album Design by Chris Davidson and RobKTA
Released by GameChops, 2013

Club Needlemouse is an album by RoBKTA & GameChops containing 50:07 minutes of music.

All compositions appearing on this album have been licensed from their official sources via Loudr. A portion of each sale goes to the copyright holder(s).


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