Late Nights, Parades

Men in Drag

Late Nights, Parades

Men in Drag

Late Nights, Parades
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  1. 1 Something in the Water 03:19
    Men in Drag
    Something in the Water by Men in Drag
  2. 2 Cherry Pie 03:07
    Men in Drag
    Cherry Pie by Men in Drag
  3. 3 Hurt 04:11
    Men in Drag
    Hurt by Men in Drag
  4. 4 Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) 04:30
    Men in Drag
    Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Men in Drag
  5. 5 Never Forget You 02:53
    Men in Drag
    Never Forget You by Men in Drag
  6. 6 Bad Things 02:45
    Men in Drag
    Bad Things by Men in Drag
  7. 7 Morningside 02:59
    Men in Drag
    Morningside by Men in Drag
  8. 8 Pretty Girl Rock 04:27
    Men in Drag
    Pretty Girl Rock by Men in Drag
  9. 9 My Body 04:09
    Men in Drag
    My Body by Men in Drag
  10. 10 On the Wing 04:47
    Men in Drag
    On the Wing by Men in Drag


Following up on their spring 2009 release, No Pants, No Problem, Men in Drag (no men, occasional drag) has released Late Nights, Parades to challenge what the world expects out of recorded all-female a cappella. Arranged/tracked by the group, and produced by renowned professionals, Late Nights, Parades saw critical acclaim before its release, when the album's first single, "On the Wing," was chosen to appear on national compilation album Voices Only 2011, and won the 2012 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award for Best Female Collegiate Arrangement. In spring 2012, the group's second single, "Cherry Pie," was released, accompanied by a music video parody that was discovered and shared widely by the original artist, Warrant. Throughout the album, Men in Drag's swag, vivacity, and passion shines through, and their music speaks for itself. Welcome to Late Nights, Parades.

Late Nights, Parades is an album by Men in Drag containing 37:07 minutes of music.

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