Here are just a few things artists are saying about Loudr:

"Loudr is, hands down, the easiest way to get covers, mashups, and medleys licensed. No tracking down rando third parties, no calling multiple publishers, no problems. If this quote sounds like an informercial, it's because Loudr has made something AS AMAZING as an automatic bread slicer."

Musical Duo

"Loudr has given me the ability to streamline my workflow and never worry about properly licensing my covers. I couldn't recommend them enough, the team, the process, everything is easy and transparent."

Peter Hollens
Singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur

"I’ve worked with a number of different licensing companies over the last few years and I can honestly say that the team at Loudr delivers better and more personal service. In my experience as an independent musician, it’s very rare to receive that kind of treatment."

Taylor Davis
Violinist, arranger, and composer