Logo & Branding

  • Teal on White
    Use this color combination whenever possible.
  • Teal on Light Gray Background
    Avoid placing the teal wolf on a gray background darker than #edf2fc - a gray that looks interestingly similar to the color of an egg in the pre-tornado scene of The Wizard of Oz.
  • White on Gradient Background
    To kick things up a visual notch, place the white logo on our gradient background.
  • White on Dark Background
    We like putting the white logo on a gradient background, but you can also place the white logo on a dark or teal background.
  • Dark on Light Background
    The dark logo should only be placed on a light neutral background. Do not place it on teal or pink backgrounds or on busy gradient backgrounds.
Loudr Teal
Loudr Pink
Cool Gray
Loudr Gradient
#cb35cb, #439fc3