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Cover Song Licensing

Legally sell any cover song in just a few clicks.

No Upfront Cost

You keep 85% of your sales revenue after transactions fees.

Direct-to-Fan Store

Sell directly on Loudr plus choose to distribute to iTunes, Spotify + more.

Easy Accounting

Eliminate business headaches & spend more time creating.

Sell Cover Songs for $0 Upfront

Loudr deducts cover song royalties as your songs sell.

Cover songs are one of the best ways to gain new fans, celebrate your artistic influences and have fun while jamming. Loudr is thrilled to be the first platform to offer streamlined cover song licensing for $0 upfront. We pay the publishers behind the scenes as your sales roll in - saving you time, effort, and money.View all features

"Great deal for musicians. Loudr is an ever-evolving distribution platform already packed full of features, and is a real alternative to iTunes. They not only make covers and remixes legal, they also make it accessible to musicians without crazy red-tape, fees or legal headaches."

Blake Robinson
Video Game Orchestrations

Distribute to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora & More

+ Sell your music on Loudr's direct-to-fan storefront.

You'll always get the most out of your sales on Loudr's direct platform, but you can also push your music to a wider audience by simply selecting where you want to sell, setting a release date, then sitting back and letting Loudr do the legwork. Delivering your sounds to the ears of millions of listeners couldn't be easier.View all stores

Pay Any Collaborator

Abandon tax worries and messy paperwork.

Connections make the music industry thrive, and one of the most exciting things about creating music is the talent you meet along the way. Loudr has created tools that allow you to easily split the money you earn with those connections: band members, composers, mixers, visual artists, and more.View all features

"Loudr is the first service to offer automatic accounting splits for all song collaborators. Yay! Now I can stop worrying about whether I did the math correctly and focus on writing good songs."

Taryn Southern
Songwriter / Comedian / YouTuber

Discover Your Power Fans

Get more support by sending your fans to Loudr.

Our direct storefront gives fans the chance to show how much your music means to them. You set the minimum price of your album, but your fans get to choose how much additional support to give you. Can you believe that one amazing power fan ended up paying $300 instead of $10? Now that's some serious love.View all features

Fans Can Pay As Much As They Want
Over The Minimum Price Set By You, The Artist.

Artist Testimonials

Here are just a few things artists are saying about Loudr:

"The Loudr team is super enthusiastic about [...] making it as simple as possible for artists to make revenue on their covers. The site design is especially sleek and hip, appealing to both customers and artists alike."

Braxton Burks
Composer & Arranger

"Loudr is filling a much-needed space in the music industry for independent artists to license, distribute and gain exposure for their music."

Taylor Davis
Violinist, arranger, and composer

"Loudr helped me get on my feet financially as a singer-songwriter. Without their assistance, being on iTunes or Spotify was a distant dream. [...] I am truly grateful that they have created such a generous and friendly company for us artists to work with!"

Nature-based folk artist