Loudr’s digital distribution service has closed, but there’s a new platform that offers the same features and more…. Soundrop is a distribution platform designed by the CD Baby team. Inspired by the core distribution offerings that are important to Loudr artists, Soundrop offers new features and monetization options for your music.
Already a Loudr Artist? You will receive an email invite from Soundrop early this month. Your releases will be automatically migrated to Soundrop without redelivery to stores. This means that your artist profiles, ratings, rankings, followers, and indexes will remain the same across music platforms as long as you log in with the credentials sent to you.
Need to Distribute Music? If you don’t already have a Loudr account, you can sign up for a new Soundrop account. Soundrop offers delivery to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Deezer, as well as access to a centralized dashboard to access sales, built-in cover song licensing, and more. Sign Up Now!