Distribution Features

Built-in Cover Song Licensing with Direct Digital Distribution

Loudr is the only place that provides built-in cover song licensing with direct distribution for $0 upfront. No need to pay upfront and guesstimate how many licenses you're going to need, we obtain a license and pay the publisher each time you make a sale.

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Distribute to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Rdio and Pandora

With Loudr, you're in charge of where your music goes. In addition to our direct store, you can have your music sent to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Rdio and Pandora. Loudr is in close relationships with each of our external stores, guaranteeing you great customer support and faster delivery times.

Fans Can Pay More

You always get to set the minimum price for your music, but that doesn’t stop your fans from giving more in the spirit of supporting you! Every product page has a slider for your fans to interact with. Supporters are already paying an average 20% above the artist-set minimums. Now you can get more support for your music and yet another reminder of how awesome your fans are.

Fans Can Pay As Much As They Want
Over The Minimum Price Set By You, The Artist.

Sell More Music By Bundling

Bundling is a great way to market your music library. It's like selling peanut butter, jelly and bread all in one tasty package. For all intents and purposes, let's say that peanut butter is your album, jelly is your EP, and bread is your new single. By positioning extra albums alongside your main album, fans are encouraged to pay more to get more (because who wouldn't want jelly with their peanut butter?).

How to bundle
Fans Can Pay As Much As They Want
Over The Minimum Price Set By You, The Artist.

Streaming Previews

You have the choice to enable full streams for your music or limit previews to a 30 second sample. In the case of music that has been licensed, we respect the wishes of our licensors and offer previews to the extent that we can. The day we're able to offer full song streams for cover songs, we'll definitely be throwing a full-stream preview party over at Loudr HQ!

Stellar Customer Service

Customer service is always a top priority at Loudr and we are committed to owning up to our word choice of 'stellar'. Never hesitate to contact us at support@loudr.fm with any issues, curiosities, requests or questions.

$0 Upfront

We're musicians; we get that whole not-having-a-pile-of-cash thing. There are no up-front fees for using Loudr. $0. Nada. You keep 85% of your sales revenue after transactions fees (from PayPal or Amazon Payments) - that leaves 15% for us.

More details on our pricing page

Direct-to-Fan Storefront

You'll get the most out of sending your fans to Loudr. Our direct store gives you the best deal while also providing your fans with the freedom to pay what they want. Loudr only takes around half the cut of iTunes and Google Play.

More details on our pricing page

Pay Splits and Tax Forms

Need to pay your band members? Your video producer? Your cat, Charles? No Problem! We support split payments between any number of collaborators for each track or album you sell. You decide how to divide - we take care of the rest. Next time tax season rolls around, you'll have a lot less to worry about - we'll send the proper tax forms to every artist we pay and their collaborators.

High Quality Audio

Providing your fans with their choice of audio format is a one-step process. Just upload a lossless master (choice of WAVE, AIFF or FLAC) and we'll deliver fans their choice of FLAC, Apple Lossless or MP3 (320kbps).

Detailed Audio Tags

All of your downloads will be fully tagged with the correct metadata (cover art, ID3s, etc.) so that your music looks as great as it sounds in any modern player (iTunes, WinAmp, VLC, and others).

Fan Leaderboard

Your top supporters are displayed on a leaderboard for each of your releases. This promotes community support and sometimes friendly competition to be #1. Watch your power fans climb to the top.

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We Want You To Shape Loudr

Leave your ideas and suggestions on our community hub at uservoice and you can decide what we build next. We depend on our artists and fans to help us shape the future of Loudr.