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How does it work?

Loudr takes all of the paper and work out of paperwork. With our online licensing tool, you can obtain a cover song license in less than 10 minutes.

When you get your license, it's yours for good and never expires. If you sell or stream more than you expected, you can always return to purchase more copies.

Loudr offers licenses for the following formats:

  • Digital Downloads
  • Physicals (CDs, Vinyls)
  • Ringtones
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What is a cover song?

A cover song is a new performance or recording of a song that was previously written, recorded, and released by someone else.

For example, when you creatively recreate "California Girls" in your home studio with Asiatic flutes and a sitar (and without Katy Perry), you've recorded a cover of someone else's copyrighted song. You own the recording, but someone else owns the song itself -- the lyrics, melody and song structure.

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Why license?

U.S. copyright law requires you to obtain permission (a license) from the owners of a song when you record a cover of it.

A mechanical license enables you to legally sell your song in stores like iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp. It gives you the freedom to promote your music without worrying about getting a cease-and-desist notice or waking up to discover that your music has been taken down.

Obtaining licenses also means you're making sure the original songwriters get paid their share of royalties for their hard work, and that's awesome.

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Here are just a few things artists are saying about Loudr:

"Loudr is so simple. That's why I love it. We were able to get set up in a snap, which enabled our artists to upload cover songs with zero hassle. Loudr is a boon for DistroKid, our artists, and the entire music industry."

Philip Kaplan

"Loudr has given me the ability to streamline my workflow and never worry about properly licensing my covers. I couldn't recommend them enough, the team, the process, everything is easy and transparent."

Peter Hollens
Singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur

"I’ve worked with a number of different licensing companies over the last few years and I can honestly say that the team at Loudr delivers better and more personal service. In my experience as an independent musician, it’s very rare to receive that kind of treatment."

Taylor Davis
Violinist, arranger, and composer