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  1. 1 Boyfriend 02:52
    Boyfriend by Chai-Town


After the release of their most recent album, Chai-Town began to drink only copious amounts of Fresh Brewed chai for every meal. They neglected to drink orange juice and slowly their immune systems were zapped of Vitamin C (which the seniors were okay with it because they didn't want to hear the Graduation Song anyways) and ended up catching something. They tried the regular methods of getting rid of a cold, but nothing worked. They sought medical advice and were aghast to find out they had been diagnosed with a new virus being referred to as "Bieber Fever." The disease typically only affects tweens but, due to the members' weakened immune systems, CT fell victim to it as well. After weeks of suffering, the group contacted a shaman from the Himalayas (he was one of the member's uncles actually) who said that the only true cure to Bieber Fever is to channel Bieber himself. So the members put their heads together and searched far and wide to find a Bieber song not sung in the soprano range and ultimately discovered "Boyfriend." They are hoping that releasing this song can finally relieve them of the symptoms of Bieber Fever; maybe it will, maybe it won't...

Boyfriend is a single by Chai-Town containing 02:52 minutes of music.

Brought to you by A Cappella Records.

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