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Critical Hit!


Critical Hit!
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  1. 1 The Lion The Beast The Beat 03:55
    The Lion The Beast The Beat by Wolfgang
  2. 2 Propane Nightmares 03:46
    Propane Nightmares by Wolfgang
  3. 3 Toxic 03:12
    Toxic by Wolfgang
  4. 4 Renegade 03:20
    Renegade by Wolfgang
  5. 5 Since U Been Gone 03:30
    Since U Been Gone by Wolfgang
  6. 6 Call Me 02:43
    Call Me by Wolfgang
  7. 7 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) 03:04
    My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) by Wolfgang
  8. 8 Club Called Shots 03:29
    Club Called Shots by Wolfgang
  9. 9 Spaceman 04:29
    Spaceman by Wolfgang
  10. 10 Without You 03:45
    Without You by Wolfgang


Well hello there, Loudr guests! Fancy seeing you here! Do come in! Make yourself at home! You might want to go ahead and take your socks off- we've been known to knock a few off when we get into our groove...

And who are we, you might ask? We are Wolfgang A Cappella. To some of you, it may feel like we've been around forever; for some of you, our name may be quite new. However you got here, the result is the same: you've been led to a mystical realm where the music is hot, the performers are hotter, and the fans all have impeccable taste.

People who go to our live performances leave thinking, 'Well dayum.' We aim to bring the same feeling to our latest CD effort, Critical Hit!, by adding twice the oomph to our already powerful presence by recording with a professional a cappella recording studio.

For those less familiar with Wolfgang, we specialize in power- high energy pieces that get your blood pumpin' and your heart thumpin'. We have a distinctive style that blends more traditional a cappella values with our own intense sound; one that's always evolving and improving. We love experimenting with new vocal techniques and twists to make our music more entertaining and ear catching. This last year in particular we've really been ramping up our efforts, and our hard work has been paying off; we sing as one unit, one heart and mind, and have formed close interpersonal bonds that are reflected in our tight sound and the passion we pour into our creations.

So, what are you doing when you give us your money? Aside from the obvious purchase of our latest music, you're investing in the future. All modesty aside, we are getting good; a year or two down the road when we hit the world of a cappella like a truck to the side of a watermelon stand, you can say, "Yeah, I was into them before they were cool." (Don't worry, that won't make you a hipster. Not the bad kind, anyway.)

With the help of The Vocal Company and Vocal Mastering, we have put together what can easily be described as: "amazing," "breathtaking," "intense," and perhaps even "phat."

Critical Hit! is an album by Wolfgang containing 35:13 minutes of music.

Brought to you by A Cappella Records.


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