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  1. 1 Spectrum 04:16
    The Nor'easters
    Spectrum by The Nor'easters
  2. 2 Sweet Nothing 03:27
    The Nor'easters
    Sweet Nothing by The Nor'easters
  3. 3 Sincerely, Jane 04:08
    The Nor'easters
    Sincerely, Jane by The Nor'easters
  4. 4 Wrong Side of a Love Song 03:53
    The Nor'easters
    Wrong Side of a Love Song by The Nor'easters
  5. 5 Diamonds 04:17
    The Nor'easters
    Diamonds by The Nor'easters
  6. 6 As Long as You Love Me 03:15
    The Nor'easters
    As Long as You Love Me by The Nor'easters
  7. 7 Drumming Song 03:10
    The Nor'easters
    Drumming Song by The Nor'easters
  8. 8 Clarity 03:39
    The Nor'easters
    Clarity by The Nor'easters
  9. 9 Princess of China 03:58
    The Nor'easters
    Princess of China by The Nor'easters
  10. 10 Blue Ocean Floor 05:42
    The Nor'easters
    Blue Ocean Floor by The Nor'easters
  11. 11 Don't You Worry Child 03:26
    The Nor'easters
    Don't You Worry Child by The Nor'easters


Equilibrium, the fourth album in The Nor'easters' discography, features compelling soloists, powerful backing vocals, and deep, danceable grooves. Recorded and produced by The Vocal Company, Equilibrium includes the group's championship set from the 2013 ICCA ("Drumming Song", "Wrong Side of a Love Song", "Diamonds/Born to Die", "Don't You Worry Child"). All songs were arranged by the award-winning Shams Ahmed, who drew inspiration from pioneering and eclectic artists including Florence Welch, Janelle Monáe, and Eric Whitacre. Equilibrium balances the originality of such artists with the accessibility of modern pop to create a sound that is unmistakably The Nor'easters'.

"Listening, we recognize moments when innocence gives way to experience: the realization that discovery involves confusion and distress as well as joy[...] Other moments offer opportunities for reflection and the wisdom that comes from accepting love and loss. [...]We feel an unresolved tension: living a life, the album seems to say, means seeking a balance between hope for everything and the possibility of nothing." - Dr. Benjamin Eldon Stevens.

Equilibrium is an album by The Nor'easters containing 43:11 minutes of music.

All compositions appearing on this album have been licensed from their official sources via Loudr. A portion of each sale goes to the copyright holder(s).


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