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  1. 1 Wonder 03:25
    Vox Pop
    Wonder by Vox Pop
  2. 2 Game Over 03:52
    Vox Pop
    Game Over by Vox Pop
  3. 3 Indestructible 03:56
    Vox Pop
    Indestructible by Vox Pop
  4. 4 80s Mashup (Need You Tonight/Addicted to Love) 03:12
    Vox Pop
    80s Mashup (Need You Tonight/Addicted to Love) by Vox Pop
  5. 5 When I'm Alone 03:40
    Vox Pop
    When I'm Alone by Vox Pop
  6. 6 Something To Believe In 03:54
    Vox Pop
    Something To Believe In by Vox Pop
  7. 7 Jack & Diane 03:59
    Vox Pop
    Jack & Diane by Vox Pop
  8. 8 Fighter 04:09
    Vox Pop
    Fighter by Vox Pop
  9. 9 Try It On My Own 03:59
    Vox Pop
    Try It On My Own by Vox Pop
  10. 10 The Show Must Go On 04:09
    Vox Pop
    The Show Must Go On by Vox Pop


Vox Pop is made up of nine individual voices, each with a unique perspective, who have found unity through harmony. More than an expression of “the voice of the people,” this album is the result of our journey to come together and share our sound with the world. Mandate reflects the strength, empowerment, and love – for the music and one another – that we found along the way.

All vocals by Kirsten Babin, Loren Blinde, Michael Blinde, Brian Brandler, Montario Hill, Kristin LoBiondo, Benjamin K. Parker, and Amy Mulry Wesolek; vocal percussion by Chris Abramson. Tracked and edited by Mark Hines and The Vocal Company ( All songs mixed and mastered by Bill Hare ( except "Game Over," mixed by James Cannon for The Panic Room, LLC. "Game Over" originally mastered by Dave Sperandio ( Album cover art by Leslie Ann Kekuewa (

Mandate is an album by Vox Pop containing 38:15 minutes of music.

Brought to you by A Cappella Records.

All compositions appearing on this album have been licensed from their official sources via Loudr. A portion of each sale goes to the copyright holder(s).


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$10.00 Marc
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$10.00 @maria_alameen
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$10.00 Anonymous