Project Destati: Awakening

Project Destati

Project Destati: Awakening

Project Destati

Project Destati: Awakening
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  1. 1 Destati 04:17
    Project Destati
    Destati by Project Destati
  2. 2 Treasured Memories 02:33
    Project Destati
    Treasured Memories by Project Destati
  3. 3 Sinister Sunburn 05:11
    Project Destati
    Sinister Sunburn by Project Destati
  4. 4 Another Side 04:31
    Project Destati
    Another Side by Project Destati
  5. 5 End of the World 01:57
    Project Destati
    End of the World by Project Destati


Project Destati is a celebration of the rich musical score of the Kingdom Hearts games. The aim of our project is to capture the depth, intensity, and magnitude of Yoko Shimomura's brilliant compositions that have brought Kingdom Hearts to life over the past decade. Her famous melodies have carried millions of players from the humble start of Sora’s story through the most recent installments of the Kingdom Hearts story.

Reworked, re-orchestrated, and re-imagined, Project Destati: Awakening is our debut compilation album; its release aligned with the 11th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. Awakening is only the beginning of a comprehensive collection of albums as homage to, and in honor of the music of Kingdom Hearts. We are currently working on Project Destati Volume I: Light , a full album of orchestrated Kingdom Hearts music, scheduled to be released in Spring 2014.

The trio of musicians behind the project are Kristin Naigus, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff.

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Project Destati: Awakening is an album by Project Destati containing 18:29 minutes of music.

All compositions appearing on this album have been licensed from their official sources via Loudr. A portion of each sale goes to the copyright holder(s).


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