Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella)

Peter Hollens

Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella)

Peter Hollens

Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella)
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Skyrim Main Theme

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  1. 1 Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella) 03:15
    Peter Hollens
    Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella) by Peter Hollens


The gaming, a cappella and classical worlds combined in the creation of a Skyrim theme music cover comprised of nothing but vocals and violins. A cappella solo artists Peter Hollens teamed up with renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling to create an ebbing, flowing masterpiece that takes the iconic game's score to new levels. Now, in addition to enjoying the epic video released by Hollens last month, you can listen to this layered, energized opus in all of its high-definition glory. Hollens' music is well-known throughout the community, and his work has garnered awards and nominations in both the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards and the A cappella Community Awards.

Skyrim Main Theme (A Cappella) is a video by Peter Hollens containing 03:15 minutes of music.

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