The Banner Saga

Videri String Quartet

The Banner Saga

Videri String Quartet

The Banner Saga
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  1. 1 The Banner Saga 07:08
    Videri String Quartet
    The Banner Saga by Videri String Quartet


The idea for this arrangement began in late November of 2013 when Austin Wintory (the composer) sent me a the YouTube video for his next project: The Banner Saga.
The second I heard the music and saw the game, I knew that I wanted Videri to play an arrangement! Not only does one of the main characters look exactly like my father, but the music is so beautiful! I immediately heard it for string quartet. So, with the help of Austin Wintory and one of our arrangers, David Peacock, we managed to put together an arrangement and record it!!
Hope you like it as much as we do!!!

Videri String Quartet
Violin I, Aubrey Holmes
Violin II, Renee Spadey
Viola, Roselie Samter
Cello, Jeremiah Barcus

Recorded and produced by Nikolas Metaxas
Mixed by Vicente Espi & Nathan Chandler
Mastered by Nathan Chandler
Recorded 11 January 2013 at the Boston Conservatory in Boston, MA.

a BIG thank you to:
Weezil Samter - my Viking father. You are the inspiration for this recording!
Austin Wintory - for writing such incredible music, as well as supporting Videri's crazy ideas!
David Peacock - for your willingness to go along with all Videri's crazy ideas (and for getting this arranged in 10 days)
Marley Magner, Elisa Rice, Jenka Eusebio - for helping make this happen!

Photo by Mark Anthony (

The Banner Saga is a single by Videri String Quartet containing 07:08 minutes of music.


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