The Green Room

On The Rocks

The Green Room

On The Rocks

The Green Room
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  1. 1 Never Gonna Give You Up 03:35
    On The Rocks
    Never Gonna Give You Up by On The Rocks
  2. 2 Watching Over Me 03:08
    On The Rocks
    Watching Over Me by On The Rocks
  3. 3 Almost Honest 03:18
    On The Rocks
    Almost Honest by On The Rocks
  4. 4 Number One 03:34
    On The Rocks
    Number One by On The Rocks
  5. 5 Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy 03:23
    On The Rocks
    Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by On The Rocks
  6. 6 Helena 04:01
    On The Rocks
    Helena by On The Rocks
  7. 7 Please Don't Tell Her 04:29
    On The Rocks
    Please Don't Tell Her by On The Rocks
  8. 8 Karmastition 03:42
    On The Rocks
    Karmastition by On The Rocks
  9. 9 Rozy 04:28
    On The Rocks
    Rozy by On The Rocks
  10. 10 Smile Like You Mean It 03:33
    On The Rocks
    Smile Like You Mean It by On The Rocks
  11. 11 Happier 04:16
    On The Rocks
    Happier by On The Rocks
  12. 12 Lullaby 02:24
    On The Rocks
    Lullaby by On The Rocks


The Green Room is the fourth album released by University of Oregon's On The Rocks and was a CARA nomination for "Best Male Collegiate Album". Its tracks range from ballads such as Josh Groban's Lullaby" and Josh Kelley's Almost Honest" to R&B hits such as John Legend's Number One" and Outkast's Roses" mixed with Gnarles Barkley's Crazy" to country classics such as Big and Rich's Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy". OTR Rick Rolls" its audience with the opening track of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up," which was featured on BOCA 2008 and was also a CARA nomination for Best Male Collegiate Song." RARB gives the album a 4.7 out of 5 and calls it one of the "best male collegiate albums of the year."

The Green Room is an album by On The Rocks containing 43:51 minutes of music.

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