(There Is No Easy Way) From The Earth To The Stars


(There Is No Easy Way) From The Earth To The Stars


(There Is No Easy Way) From The Earth To The Stars
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  1. 1 Without U 02:47
    Without U by Musae
  2. 2 The Writer 04:02
    The Writer by Musae
  3. 3 Why Don't You Love Me 03:30
    Why Don't You Love Me by Musae
  4. 4 Gone and Never Coming Back 03:41
    Gone and Never Coming Back by Musae
  5. 5 Give A Little More 02:39
    Give A Little More by Musae
  6. 6 I Am Woman 01:56
    I Am Woman by Musae
  7. 7 Evacuate the Dancefloor 01:55
    Evacuate the Dancefloor by Musae
  8. 8 Ode to Donna 03:53
    Ode to Donna by Musae
  9. 9 Glitter in the Air 04:20
    Glitter in the Air by Musae
  10. 10 Top of the World 03:57
    Top of the World by Musae
  11. 11 I Feel Better 03:21
    I Feel Better by Musae
  12. 12 A Natural Woman 02:40
    A Natural Woman by Musae


Musae is one of the most prominent female groups in the nation, and after bringing their no-holds-barred performance style to huge industry festivals such as SoJam and famous venues like The Bitter End in New York city, the group has now released their first EP. In 12 songs, the group showcases their versatility and strength in a thoroughly fun and dynamic - and sometimes emotional - album engineered for repeat listening. The album garnered four nominations from the 2013 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, including Best Pop/Rock Album.

(There Is No Easy Way) From The Earth To The Stars is an album by Musae containing 38:41 minutes of music.

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