Young At Eight


Young At Eight


Young At Eight
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  1. 1 Right Now 04:19
    Right Now by Juxtaposition
  2. 2 Not Over You 03:27
    Not Over You by Juxtaposition
  3. 3 Don't Let Me Fall 04:37
    Don't Let Me Fall by Juxtaposition
  4. 4 Way I Am 04:00
    Way I Am by Juxtaposition
  5. 5 Heaven 03:51
    Heaven by Juxtaposition
  6. 6 Legend of McBride 03:36
    Legend of McBride by Juxtaposition
  7. 7 Nothin Ever Hurt Like You 03:31
    Nothin Ever Hurt Like You by Juxtaposition
  8. 8 My Heart With You 04:41
    My Heart With You by Juxtaposition
  9. 9 The City 05:13
    The City by Juxtaposition
  10. 10 Country Girl 03:40
    Country Girl by Juxtaposition
  11. 11 Uprising 04:46
    Uprising by Juxtaposition


We are young, and being so find ourselves at a unique threshold. We have not yet crossed into the largest part of our lives but, through the context of our group and content on this album, have been given a glimpse into the promising possibilities that lie ahead. We offer our music here as nostalgic yet forward-thinking snapshots of the experiences that we as young men have encountered, are currently working through, and will face in the not-so-distant future.
"Young At Eight," Juxta's eighth album, stands as a monument, in the landscape of our lives, honoring the lessons in courage, commitment, and perserverance music has taught us. When played on repeat, "Young At Eight" transitions seamlessly into itself, quietly reminding us of the infinite relevance of these lessons we've learned and the music we've shared.

Young At Eight is an album by Juxtaposition containing 45:41 minutes of music.

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